Madame Marissa
Village demolition by giantess
Village demolition by giantess

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This little village is scheduled to be demolished and I'm going to crush it new to make way for a new road! The residents should've been evicted long ago - but some of them are still in the village - mostly gathering around the church as they see me approaching. Maybe they thought I would show mercy?! Well, they thought wrong for sure! I start flattening their little houses, gardens and fences wearing my converse first. After a while I take them off and crush some more houses and people under my socks. For the last few houses I also take off the socks and crush them under my bare feet - then grab all the crushed pieces with my toes and pile them up for waste disposal. Obviously, the church - and the people in and around it - get crushed as well - they should've run away while they still could! In the end I compress the route for the new road with my feet - ready for construction now!