Madame Marissa
Viciously trampled with high heels and nylons
Viciously trampled with high heels and nylons

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I'm really in the mood for a vicious trampling today. I approach the slave dressed in a really short black dress, sexy nylons and high heels. Obviously the slave will suffer a lot! I start trampling him with my high heels and jump on him. He screams in pain as the sharp heels dig deep into his flesh and scratch him. I even stand on his head in these dangerous high heels before I take them off. Immediately after taking them off I press my shoes and nylon feet on his nose - while still trampling him of course :-D I stomp, jump and trample all over him in nylons as well before I let him off the hook - for the moment :-D I also smile throughout the whole clip - so if you're into woman who truly enjoy trampling men and making them suffer that's the right clip for you!
Tags: Trampling