Madame Marissa
Vacuuming your crushed money and collectibles
Vacuuming your crushed money and collectibles

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Do you see all the crushed remains on the floor? I've crushed all of your beloved model houses and a bunch of your cash as well - and now I'm just walking back and forth over all the remains. I just love the cracking sound under my high heels! But of course, I can't leave behind such a mess - therefore it's best to crush all the remains into as many small pieces as possible - so they fit through my vacuum cleaner! Next, I grab the vacuum and start cleaning up the mess. Every now and then I still find pieces that are too big to go through the tube of the vacuum, but that's no problem either ... I'll simply crush them again under my high heels or rip apart the cash I find even further ... until everything's crushed enough to fit! You didn't really think anything would be left for you to pick up when I'm done with your valuables, did you?!