Madame Marissa
Using your face as a doormat - and driving over it!
Using your face as a doormat - and driving over it!

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So, how is it down there in the dirt? It's so windy and cold today - I bet it's pretty miserable, isn't it?! And look how dirty my boots are ... I can't get into my car like that! And that's why your face is going to serve me as a doormat - and I think, with that much dirt in the boots' tread, I can't just wipe the dirt off on your face ... I'll need to stomp it out ... but that's what doormats are made for! I really don't care how much that hurts you or what damage your face takes ... I wouldn't think a second about that with a real doormat either. And no matter how much you whine and scream in pain - you better don't hope for mercy! And of course, you'll also use your tongue to clean off the dirt off my boot soles. Oh, you want me to stop and release you?! Well ... in the state you're in right now, you're pretty much useless anyway ... I'll simply get into my car and drive off ... and my tire is going to finish you!