Madame Marissa
Unaware crushed and stuck to the giantess' boot sole
Unaware crushed and stuck to the giantess' boot sole

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You really like to live dangerously, don't you, tiny guy? You know how dangerous it can be for a tiny guy like you to crawl around my house, but yet you had to spy on my when I was going in and out of the bathroom while preparing for the day! I step on and off your tiny body a couple times, but after putting on by boots, I stepped on you so hard, that you were partly squished and stayed on my shoe sole! Since I didn't even notice, I just continue with my day, walk around the house, drive my car to work, walk around the office and go for a walk in the park before returning home - completely unaware of the face that each step I take, crushes your tiny body a little bit more and sends shockwaves of pain through your body! Do you regret your decision, tiny guy? Do you think you'll be still alive when I take off my boots and (maybe) finally notice you?!
Tags: Giantess