Madame Marissa
Turning the slave into a human garbage chute!
Turning the slave into a human garbage chute!

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I've had this extremely humiliating idea for years now and finally got it to work. I made the slave lie down under a trash bag holder in my garage, cut a hole in the bottom of the trash bag and then taped the seams to his face - so everything I dump into the trash will land (and stay!) on his face - basically trash to trash :-D Once this nice little contraption is set up, I walk in a couple of times over the next days and every time I visit him, I bring along some fresh trash for him - sometimes half-rotten kitchen scraps, some trash from my bath room (yuk!), some trash from the office or whatever I could find - until the whole trash bag is filled up to the top and almost 60L (16 gallons) of trash are stacked on his face! That's a lot of trash to eat for my little human garbage chute!
Tags: Humiliation