Madame Marissa
Trying out shoes - on your face!
Trying out shoes - on your face!

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Come a little closer! Do you like my sexy boots? I also brought some other beautiful shoes along ... with much thinner and dangerous heels! You'll be my test subject today - and we'll test out which of these shoes leave behind the nicest marks on your face! Lay down on the ground, right next to my feet ... we'll start slowly ... first, I'll trample your face with my Buffalo boots - they've quite chunky heels, but also a deep tread that will sink deep into your face's skin! Then the real test starts - you'll get to feel my office pumps on your face ... and my sexy heels with the net in front ... and my LeSilla ankle boots with the really thin heels ... and for the grand finale I'll put on my Casadei high heels with the thin, sharp-edged metal heels! I wonder what your face is going to look like when I'm done with you? You should just hope and pray that I don't loose my balance and one of these heels goes straight into - or through - your eye!
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