Madame Marissa
Trampling your ugly face, pay slave!
Trampling your ugly face, pay slave!

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I came up with a nice game for you, pay slave! Since your face isn't nice to look at anyway, I'll make it a little more beautiful by trampling all over it with my sexy high heel shoes ... and for every heel mark I leave behind on your face, I'll take another 100 Euro out of your wallet! Come on, give my shoes a kiss - and then lie down on the floor - so I can start trampling your face! I love to make you suffer twice ... the extreme pain of my high heels slowly destroying your face ... and the financial pain! Are you grateful for this, slave?! More and more of your money goes into my pocket, while you struggle to endure the pain and scream under my merciless shoes ... and you didn't think we'd stop before your wallet is completely empty, did you?!