Madame Marissa
Trampling your face under 3 different pairs of shoes
Trampling your face under 3 different pairs of shoes

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Oh, you didn't really think it would be easy for you, just because I'm just wearing sneakers, or did you? Yes, I'll start to trample you with my Converse sneakers, stand on your face and trample all over it ... but just in the beginning! I've brought 2 other pairs today and we'll now test out which are best to inflict pain on you! After trampling your face under my sneakers for a while, it's time to increase the difficulty! Next, I'll put on my ankle boots ... they don't have particularly mean heels, but they've a mean deep tread, that will sink deep into your skin and leave behind painful imprints ... but your hardest challenge is yet to come. A brand-new pair of designer heels ... with crazy thin heels that will inflict new levels of pain on you. My weight concentrated on these very thin heels will make you scream in pain and leave behind extreme marks. I'm really excited to see if I'll be able to see all 3 different imprints on your face when I'm done with you :-D