Madame Marissa
Trampling your face, little stable boy!
Trampling your face, little stable boy!

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Didn't I give you clear instructions? The simple task to properly clean the stables ... and you're not even capable of fulfilling this simple order! And therefore, you'll be punished ... your face will be trampled under my merciless riding boots. The hard nailed soles will flatten your pathetic face with every step! Your nose, your lips and your cheeks will be damaged under my cruel boots - and maybe this pain will remember you to properly do your job next time - or I'll have to think of an even harder punishment! And additionally you'll now clean all the stables - not only mine, but the stables of my friends as well - and if anyone asks you what happened to your face, you'll tell them the truth - that you're a slave that didn't please his mistress and was punished for his failure!