Madame Marissa
Trampling you under sweaty bare feet
Trampling you under sweaty bare feet

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I just got back from jogging - and my feet got pretty sweaty in my running shoes! And now I'll take of my running shoes and socks - and then trample your face under my sweaty bare feet. You should be thankful that I don't destroy your face under the harsh tread of my running shoes - you just have to endure a little pain - and a lot of humiliation! And to make sure you don't disturb my neighbors ... I'll simply stuff my sweat-soaked sock into your mouth. You can suck the sweat out of it, while I trample your face under my moist foot soles. Can you smell them, slave? Or does the pain of my weight distract you completely?! But I won't go too easy on you ... you'll have to endure a couple of stomps to your face and jumps on your face as well!
Tags: Trampling