Madame Marissa
Trampling you under my heels, office perv!
Trampling you under my heels, office perv!

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Did you really think I didn't notice that you were staring at my high heels and feet in the office all the time?! I did! And now it's time you get punished! You'll lay down on the ground and I'll step on your body with my sexy high heels that you've adored so many times. You'll now get a very close up look of them as I walk all over your face with them! Oh, the sharp heels and my full weight hurt you?! Well, you should have thought about that before staring at us all the time. You should be grateful that I didn't bring along all of our female colleagues to trample you - but who knows, if you don't stop staring at us, this might be the next punishment for you! And in the end - I'll also take off my shoes and trample you under my moist sweaty nylons ... since you've been staring at them as well, it only seems fair to make you smell them as well! I'm already looking forward to the next days ... I wonder how you're going to explain the marks and wounds all over your face in the office :-D