Madame Marissa
Trampling you and driving over you!
Trampling you and driving over you!

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You're waiting for me when I get back from my run- just as I ordered you to! Now you'll lay down on this cold wet floor - and your face will be used as a human rug to clean my dirty running shoes on! I don't care if anyone sees how I'm carelessly trampling all over your face - you deserve to be recognized as a living doormat - and with all these shoe prints all over your face, it will be pretty obvious anyway! I bet it hurts like hell when all the dirt gets rubbed into your skin - but I really don't care - it's your job to get these shoes clean. To get all the dirt out of the shoes' tread, I'll probably need some jumping and stomping as well - and that's going to hurt a lot more! Or should I put you out of this misery? And simply drive over you a couple of times when I'm done with you - the heavy car will take care of what's left of your face!
Tags: Trampling