Madame Marissa
Trampling the slave's hands under muddy boot soles
Trampling the slave's hands under muddy boot soles

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I ordered the slave to pick me up at this parking lot - and of course my boots got all muddy while going for a walk! I order him to get out of the car and put his hands on the ground - so I can use then as a doormat to clean my boots on! I ruthlessly trample his hands under my soles and as I grind my boot soles on his skin the mud acts like sandpaper and hurts the slave a lot! Then I order him to put his hands on the entry step of the van - so I can continue trampling them there! The slave's hands are already covered with mud and he's screaming in pain as I scratch the dirt over his skin! Then he has to put his hands back on the ground and I jump onto them a couple of times. When I'm done with him, his hands are shaking in pain and I sit down in the van - and then order the loser to lick the remaining dirt from my boots!