Madame Marissa
Trampling the intern's hands at the office
Trampling the intern's hands at the office

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This intern is really desperate to get a job at my company - and I'll of course take advantage of that! I ordered the loser to crawl under my desk and kiss my office heels and sweaty nylon feet, but I also want to hurt him a little bit ... or a little bit more :-D I order him to put his hand behind the wheel of my office chair - and then roll it over his fingers! He screams in pain like a little bitch, but that was only for starters. Next, I start trampling his hands under my sexy high heels and soon he really gets a reason to scream in pain. His fingers get flattened under my shoe soles and the thin sharp-edged heels dig deep into his flesh - and he does his best to endure this brutal punishment. Should I give this intern a chance as my personal assistant? Or will I need to do some more testing?!