Madame Marissa
Trampling the boot licker's hands
Trampling the boot licker's hands

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My hiking boots need a good tongue cleaning once again - and to motivate this boot licker I'll trample his hands under the brutal boot soles while he cleans the boots with his tongue! Maybe some of the dirt will drop off if I stomp his hands hard enough? I really don't understand why he's screaming so loud - the more dirt I stomp out, the less dirt he has to lick from my boots :-D Ok, maybe I'll give him a short break and sit down on the couch - but of course I'm still going to rest the hard edge of the boots on his hands! He should be grateful for this break - it's not going to be long until I stand up again, trample his fragile fingers under my full weight again and he has to endure the pain of the trampling and the humiliation of the boot licking at the same time again - and it's going to take a while until the boots are completely cleaned!