Madame Marissa
Trampling punishment for the shoe cleaning slave
Trampling punishment for the shoe cleaning slave

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You probably know, why you're lying at my feet, you lazy loser, don't you?! Look at the soles of my high heel ankle boots ... didn't I give you clear instructions? Even a loser like you should be able to clean 20 pairs of shoes with his tongue in a week! And to make sure, you'll take your job more seriously from now on, you'll get a very painful punishment! I'll use these divine heels to trample your face - and you'll get a good close-up view of the shoe soles, so you see they're not cleaned - while my full weight comes down onto your face. The thin heels will dig deep into your flesh and the marks they leave behind will be visible for a long time! And should you not finish your work next week ... we'll repeat this punishment - with all 20 pairs of shoes!