Madame Marissa
Trampling money while he kisses my boots
Trampling money while he kisses my boots

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This loser is sitting on the floor in front of me - and I put his monthly tribute on the carpet. While I walk all over the hard-earned money with my high heel boots, he has to kiss my sexy boots. And any bills that will get damaged under my boots, he will have to replace! You can see how afraid this pathetic boot slave is as I walk back and forth on the money and he tries to please me with his pathetic display of worship. I don't know how long such a loser has to work for this amount of money - nor do I care - but clearly he's afraid and twitches every time I stomp onto the cash. Later, I tell him to protect the money with his hands - which obviously turns into a hand trampling :-D Such a pathetic boot slave!