Madame Marissa
Trampled and humiliated after my workout
Trampled and humiliated after my workout

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So, I just finished my workout - and your training starts now! First, you'll suffer under my trail running shoes and this mean tread will leave behind painful deep marks all over your face while I'm trampling it carelessly! I love to see your pain-distorted face under my shoe soles - especially when I stand with my full weight on only one foot, go on my tip-toes or stomp down on your face hard! But that's only the first part of your slave training ... after a while, I'll take off these shoes - you'll get to sniff them and then I'll continue to trample your face under my sweat-soaked socks. These will probably not hurt you as bad as the trail running shoes, but you'll have to inhale the intense foot smell of your mistress on top of the pain! And for the big finale, I'll stuff these moist socks into your mouth and you'll suck out all of the foot sweat!