Madame Marissa
Training the living seat pad's abilities
Training the living seat pad's abilities

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I want to have some fun at this loser's expense. I know he can't hold his breath for long and therefore I decide to punish him with some hard facesitting. My ass just looks to great in these skin-tight leggings - but for him it means only suffering. He's already starting to struggle under my ass after only 20 seconds ... what a pathetic performance ... totally unacceptable! And he better doesn't expect me to let him breathe just yet. I want all of my seat pads to be able to hold their breath for at least 60 seconds, 90 seconds would be even better - and this slave is far from being able to handle it for so long. Maybe I should simply extend my legs over his body, let my full weight rest on his face and simply stay there until he comes close to my expectations?! Either way, this loser will be suffering and has a lot of training coming up!