Madame Marissa
Training his breath holding by facesitting
Training his breath holding by facesitting

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I've put on a big stopwatch on the computer screen - and ordered the slave to be my office chair. And I'll stop the time he can hold his breath! And I'll not make it easy for him - I've put on a very hard jeans that will surely flatten his nose. I think a minute shouldn't be a problem ... or will it be? Well, we'll see - but I'll make sure the loser suffers under my ass - he'll be mercilessly smothered and feel my full weight on his face! He doesn't really help himself by struggling that much - he just wastes so much oxygen ... he should just keep calm ... guess I'll need to train him longer! And I really don't like to be disturbed by his moaning - so I put on headphones and start some music - then smother him again and the timer starts once again! Unfortunately, I can still feel him struggling ... so I guess next time I've to bind him so he can't move and then put on the headphones!