Madame Marissa
Trained to be a seat pad for movie night
Trained to be a seat pad for movie night

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So, you want to spend a fun evening with us? I think, we'll have to train you a little bit before that - because the only way you're going to be allowed to spend and evening with us, will be under our asses - as our seat pad, while we enjoy a nice movie! Do you like the idea? To spend a whole evening under our sexy butts? I think you vastly underestimate how hard that's going to be for you! To properly enjoy a movie and to make sure you don't disturb us to much, you'll have to learn to lie very still and hold your breath for a long time! Nora and I will take turns obviously - both of our asses need a comfy seat over the evening. And in the meantime, your nose is going to be flattened more and more and the panic of being smothered will be simply overwhelming!