Madame Marissa
Tough saddle training with 2 mistresses
Tough saddle training with 2 mistresses

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Today you'll receive a very special training - you're going to be our new stable boy and every time, our real saddle becomes too uncomfortable, we'll use your face as a seat! And for that, you're going to be training today! How does it feel when I sit down on your face with my hard riding pants and my sexy ass smothers you? And since you're just a chair - an object - for us, you better don't expect us to use you carefully. Again and again Nora and I will sit down on your face for long periods of time, let our asses drop onto your face, flatten your nose and make you suffer - because for us the only thing that matters is, that it's comfortable for us! Maybe I even sit on Nora's lap from time to time? Can you endure our combined weight?!