Madame Marissa
Total obedience - High heel & nylon worship
Total obedience - High heel & nylon worship

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I want my slaves totally obedient and under my control - and ready to serve me at any time! I'm walking into the living room wearing a really short dress, black nylons and a pair of sexy black heels with red soles. The slave has to lie down in front of the couch immediately of course and starts to kiss my shoe soles - but this position isn't comfortable for me at all. I make him sit down on the floor instead and lay back - that's way more comfortable to sit and I can still watch closely as he kisses, licks and sucks my heels! Then I take the shoes off and make him massage my nylon feet - such a pleasure after a long evening in high heels! Of course he has to kiss and sniff my nylons as well - and he does without hesitation - just like a good submissive servant is supposed to!