Madame Marissa
Tiny victim humiliated and crushed under Hunter boots
Tiny victim humiliated and crushed under Hunter boots

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I put this tiny girl under the soles of my Hunter boots with some zip ties and then start walking in the parking lot. There's an excavator nearby and of course I've to climb up on the tracks. With the hard metal below and my full weight coming down on her little body she's already suffering massively. Next I walk on a trail into the woods - literally dragging her through the dirt until I find a stinky pond in the woods - of course I've to get into the stinky mud and water - and back on the trail again! The little bitch looks pretty done already, but I've to walk back to the car ... somewhere on the way back the zip ties rip and I've to pick her up to carry her back to the car ... but her punishment isn't over yet ... no way I'm taking her with me into the car as dirty as she is ... I just put her behind the tire of my van ... get in and drive over her a couple of times until I'm sure she's done ;-) This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at!