Madame Marissa
Tiny invaders in the giantess' bathroom
Tiny invaders in the giantess' bathroom

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I'm preparing myself for the day and I'll take a shower first. I get into the shower and start the water - when I notice a bunch of small invaders in the tub - how did they get here?! Well, they're not staying here, that's for sure! I'll just crush them under my big feet and kick them down the drain! They're really everywhere ... they're even stuck to the big brush ... well, I'll use the brush to clean my feet anyway and just use the tiny guys as an additional peeling! After getting out of the shower, I'll dry myself with the towel and when I sit down on the toilet to cream my feet I notice that there was another group of tiny people - that I just flattened under my ass! And another one ... I'll probably take care of later. They're even on the carpet - and a whole bunch of them gets crushed under my big feet as I brush my hair. As I put on my boots, I sit down on second group of people on the toilet seat ... bad luck for them. And in the end, when I rush into the bathroom again to get my hair tie, I crush the remaining tiny guys under my boots ... and YOU as well!
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