Madame Marissa
Tiny intruder found and punished by giantess
Tiny intruder found and punished by giantess

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I walk into the apartment with my dirty boots and make quite a mess on the floor before getting a call from a friend, changing clothes and leaving again. When I get back I decide to take care of the mess on the floor, sweeping up the dirt and dumping it in the trash - that's where I see YOU for the first time - a tiny intruder that sneaked into my apartment! How did you get in here, little man?! Well, I'll finish cleaning the dishes before I take care of you! What am I supposed to do with you? Maybe I should throw you back into the trash can? No, I think I'm going to crush you under my heels. But you seem to be a lot stronger than I thought. Even thought my weight crushed most your bones and you really don't look healthy anymore ... you're still alive! Well, I guess I've to get rid of you in a different way then ... I'll simply throw you into the toilet and flush you down! Good bye, little man!
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