Madame Marissa
Tiny guy, you'll end up in my trash bag!
Tiny guy, you'll end up in my trash bag!

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I just got back from the office and walk through the apartment when I notice you, little man ... how did you get in here?! Don't you know it's disrespectful to invade someone's house and then spy on them?! You're barely the size of my toes ... and maybe I should crush you under my sexy high heels? Use the soles to flatten your tiny body, or pierce through it with the thin heels, or take off my shoes and crush you under my sweaty bare feet?! Well, I'll think about that over night ... and I'll lock you away for the night, so you can't get away! The next morning, I take you out of your prison, clean up the apartment floor and then it's time to get rid of you! I've decided to use these high heels to crush your tiny body ... or most of it at least - and then sweep you up with the other dirt on the floor - and dump you into the trash bag! You'll live there for a while ... until I take out the trash and you'll either suffocate in the trash bag or you'll be crushed by the garbage truck!
Tags: Giantess