Madame Marissa
Tiny foot pervs need to be punished
Tiny foot pervs need to be punished

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I want to go for a run with a friend and grab my running shoes and running clothes to change in the bathroom. I take off my jeans, shirt and bra and change into leggings, sport bra and shirt - and notice you, tiny slave, in my running shoe before I put them on! Didn't I forbid you to go into my shoes?! And then you even peeped on my while I was changing clothes?! Seems like you don't want to learn ... so maybe I need to get rid of you completely! How should I punish you?! Should I crush you under my running shoes? Or under my stinky socks?! Or under my sexy ass?! You know it would be easy to crush your tiny body ... but maybe I'll just put you back in the shoe you seem to love so much - and then put it on and crush you while I run?