Madame Marissa
Throat and head under different shoes
Throat and head under different shoes

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I've brought some pairs of shoes to torment the slave - I start off with a pair of flat boots and trample his head and throat underneath. He's already struggling, but this was the least painful pair of this session! Next, I put on a pair of black leather boots with chunky heels and a mean tread on both the soles and the heels. I immediately step on his throat with my full weight and enjoy as he suffers with my body weight compressing his throat. I also stand on his head shortly before moving on to the next pairs - first my Michael Kors boots, with a little thinner heels and a pair of brown boots that already looks pretty used. For the finale I brought my LeSilla ankle boots - with really thin dangerous heels - and I also use these to trample his head and throat - let's see how the slave can handle those!