Madame Marissa
The ultimate trust challenge - Part 6 - Lady Nora's turn
The ultimate trust challenge - Part 6 - Lady Nora's turn

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I love to play the trust challenge with the slave - but today he'll meet someone new ... Lady Nora joins me for the challenge - and he can only hope that she can use her thin heels with the same delicacy as I can! We start with some gummy eyeballs that we put on his eyes - just so he knows what would happen to his eyes if we were not as careful! First Nora crushes one with her high heels, then it's my turn! With the gummy eyes covering his real eyes, he can't see what's happening and he's getting really afraid right off the start! Next, we crush some cherry tomatoes on his eyes and throat - then I start to trample his chest under my high heel boots, while Nora crushes strawberries on his eyes - he better keeps calm and doesn't move his head ... otherwise this could end pretty badly for him! After crushing some more grapes and strawberries on his eyes, we also try to stand on his tongue before we make him eat and lick up all the crushed fruits from the floor!