Madame Marissa
The ultimate trust challenge - Part 5 - Double Trouble
The ultimate trust challenge - Part 5 - Double Trouble

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I've told my friend Lady Nadja about the trust challenge and she was immediately intrigued by the thought of playing this game with the loser. She's wearing a pair of high heel ankle boots, while I'm wearing a pair of boots with thin metal heels. For starters I trample his chest for a while and pierce through a blackberry with my thin heel to show him the dangers of such thin heels. The next challenge will be to crush strawberries - on the loser's throat. And of course, the finale will be to crush some grapes and blackberries on his eyes! Now he's really afraid - especially since it's the first time Nadja is challenging his trust ... and since I want to have some fun as well, I sometimes just trample his chest while Nadja plays with his eyes and throat - I don't want to get bored after all :-D