Madame Marissa
The ultimate trust challenge - Part 4
The ultimate trust challenge - Part 4

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I was wondering how I could make the trust challenge even more extreme after part 3 - but I think I've came up with a great way. Not only is the slave in the bondage bag this time, but I'm also wearing my new Casadei pumps with metal heels. I start by standing on his throat with these dangerous heels - and I can see in his eyes that he's really afraid that I might slip ... that would surely do some serious damage! Next, I place little tomatoes on his eyes and then pierce them with the sharp thin heels! Followed by an even smaller target - a couple of grapes! The sharp heels go right through the fruits, and they even keep stuck on the heel! Just a little too much pressure and there would be something else stuck on my heel! In the end, I make him eat the pierced fruits from my heels - then stand a few more times on his throat!