Madame Marissa
The most humiliating slave meal
The most humiliating slave meal

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I just got some cake at the bakery and head back to the car - where my slave's waiting for me to come back. I order him to get out of the car and get on his knees - then I take the cake out of the bag and take a bite. But of course I won't let my slave be hungry beside me - so I spit out the chewed cake, step on it with my dirty high heel boots and then make him eat it off my boot soles while I take the next bite. Every other piece lands on the floor, some get stepped on, others I grant him to just eat off the dirty ground. For the final piece I get down to him and show it to him - before I cover it in massive amounts of spit, drop it on the floor as well and grind it under my boot soles. Of course he'll eat every last piece of cake, spit and dirt until my boots are spotless clean - it's just too much fun seeing him struggling to get this disgusting mix down his throat :-D