Madame Marissa
The foot slave's pathetic carpet of money
The foot slave's pathetic carpet of money

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The foot slave arrives late to give me his monthly tribute ... because the bus was late ... poor thing had to sell his car to continue serving me. I order him to place the tribute in front of me on the ground - make it a nice carpet of money ... but then I notice that the carpet doesn't look pretty - it's not completely green like it's supposed to ... it's my favorite color after all - and it's just a mess of different colors. He should be ashamed that he even brought 20 Euro notes ... and to add to the insult, it's only 2450 Euro - not 2500 Euro like it's supposed to be! After walking all over this pathetic carpet with my expensive high heels, I make him kiss my shoes and make him apologize. Then I take off my shoes and continue to walk over his hard-earned money with my bare feet - while he has to continue kissing my feet and apologize even more. Then I order him to massage my feet, grab one of the 50 Euro notes and ask him what 50 Euro mean to him. He tells me that he could buy food for himself for a whole month of 50 Euro - while I tear the money into tiny pieces in front of his eyes. Any money he earns is mine - and if I decide that it's better used to light a cigarette for me, than feeding him for a month - that's a perfectly valid decision!