Madame Marissa
The foot fetishist's next therapy session
The foot fetishist's next therapy session

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I've known this guy for a long time - and he's also a long-time patient in my psychology practice. I send him to the therapy room while I finish some document work and when I walk into the room, I see how he was smelling my flats. I left them intentionally on the bench to dry out ... I sweat so much in these, I have to take them off after a few hours, so they can dry. Of course, he's ashamed that I saw him smelling my shoes, but soon after he's distracted by my dangling heels. As I know about his foot fetish, I decide to push the limits a little bit, I put my foot on his leg, gently rub it over his leg and dangle it in front of his eyes the whole time. Then I take off my shoes and continue to tease him in the same way with my white nylon socks. In the end, I tell him that I want to gather some data for a scientific experiment. He has to lie down on the floor and rub my sweaty nylon feet through his face, ask him about the smell and use his face as a footstool for my moist feet! I think this won't be this foot fetishist's last therapy session! This is a non-exclusive role-playing custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!