Madame Marissa
The first & last photo with the new Samsung S5
The first & last photo with the new Samsung S5

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So ... I got your package with the Samsung S5 - brand new and still factory-sealed. I unpack it and put in the battery, start it up and play around a little. I take a photo of my sexy high heels with it - the first and last photo ever taken with this brand new 500 Euro phone! I put it on the floor next to my hot high heels and try to use the apps with my heels - but unfortunately that doesn't work - maybe I need to put a little more pressure on it? I walk over it a few times - but this phone is really durable - not a single scratch from the hard and sharp heels! But of course I'll get it crushed! I start to jump and stomp on it and finally the display gives in and the glass breaks! After that I take apart the phone completely, bend it under my shoes until it breaks in two parts. In the end I even crush the earphones, cables and box - before I throw it all into the trash bin! This was a custom video for a fan - and the phone in this clip was provided by him. If you want a custom video as well, send me your fantasy!
Tags: Crush Fetish