Madame Marissa
The fate decides his pain
The fate decides his pain

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The fate will now decide how much the slave's going to suffer. I've put on my brutal hiking boots and blindfold the slave - then I also blindfold myself and tell the slave to start moving his hands on the floor - while I'm going to walk, stomp and jump around. As we're both blindfolded and moving it's impossible to tell where I'm stepping - or what I'm stepping on! Sometimes I hit his hands on a bigger surface, but sometimes I'm only hitting single fingers with my full weight as well. The slave's is in extreme fear since he never knows what's coming and he knows that it will be very painful - no matter how and where I step on! In the end I first remove only my blindfold - to see what kind of damage I already did and to trample his hands some more while only he's blindfolded - then also remove his blindfold, so he can also see what happens to his hands :-D