Madame Marissa
The facesitting wheel-of-misfortune
The facesitting wheel-of-misfortune

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I told Lady Nora about the smother game I played with the slave a couple of times already - and she wanted to join me for a game! We’ll let the wheel of fortune decide how long the loser is smothered under our asses! Anything between 10 seconds and 90 seconds is possible - and we’ll take turns sitting on the loser’s face! It’s surely going to be a wheel of misfortune for the slave - when it throws a low number, we’ll simply make it harder for him by extending our legs over his body and sitting on the slave’s face with our full weight! In between one of us lays on the floor with the slave behind her - while the other one presses his face firmly into the butt on the ground! We don’t give him much time to rest in between the rounds and we’ve a lot of time to play!