Madame Marissa
Taking your vision, your time and your money
Taking your vision, your time and your money

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I'll make you completely helpless - you don't need your glasses to see, you don't need your watch to know the time - and you don't need any money! I'm taking one after another from you and place it on the ground - next to my sexy high heel boots ... you already know what's coming, don't you?! Yes, it will all be crushed! First off are your glasses - they're no match for my boots and break apart easily ... your watch puts up quite a fight - but in the end it doesn't stand a chance either! Finally your money - getting crumbled, teared apart und crushed completely under the soles of my boots ... and just to make sure ... I'll flush the pieces down the toilet - not that you'd get the idea of gluing the pieces back together!