Madame Marissa
Taking my boots off while driving to relax
Taking my boots off while driving to relax

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I start driving my van wearing my sexy GML boots and drive around town - but soon I notice, that my feet are really tired and I want to relax them for a while. These boots have really high heels - and I prefer driving without shoes anyway. Feeling the pedals under my foot soles is basically a foot massage and very relaxing! I take off the boots while driving - not that easy, but I really didn't feel like stopping. And then you'll get to watch my nylon feet on the pedals. You like my sexy feet, don't you? After a full day in these boots, they're quite sweaty, but you don't mind, do you? At least now my feet can relax for a while! And as I approach my destination, I put my boots back on - again while driving of course!