Madame Marissa
Taking blackmail photos of you during facesitting
Taking blackmail photos of you during facesitting

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Well, maybe you accepted your destiny - to be used as a living seatpad all the time. But do your friends, your family and your boss know that you're a facesitting slave? That you're regularly smothered under hot asses?! I bet they don't ... I bet you're ashamed that you're used like that! Today I'll take a few pictures of you ... while you're getting smothered under my ass - and there's nothing you can do about it. And since I know so much about you and now have photos that prove your slave life - I could easily blackmail you with these photos. You don't want me to send them to your close friends or your boss, do you? Well, then you'll follow all of my orders - no matter what I demand, you'll give it to me or do it for me!