Madame Marissa
Sweaty, stinky feet after a run
Sweaty, stinky feet after a run

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I just finished an extensive run, while the slave girl had to wait for me in the trunk of the car ... surely not pleasant with the high temperatures ... but what's coming next, will be way worse. I order her to get on the ground and take off my running shoes - to press my steaming running socks onto her nose. First, I make her sniff the inside of my shoes and laugh about her disgusted face as the strong smell of my feet creeps into her nose! Next, I press her nose into my stinky sweat-soaked socks and order her to inhale deeply. After a while, I take off my socks and stuff them into her mouth - so she can suck the foot sweat out of them, before I press one shoe on her nose and bind it to her head - for the complete smell and taste experience!