Madame Marissa
Sweaty spit-soaked slave meal in my flip flops
Sweaty spit-soaked slave meal in my flip flops

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I had a little rest at this picknick table and you can glance and my sweaty dirty feet. It's soo hot today - and my feet while sweat even in the flip-flops - perfect to prepare a disgusting meal for the slave. I grab two slices of bread and start spitting all over hit. Then I fold it, stuff it between my shoes and my dirty sweaty feet! Then I drive to another park and continue my walk - all while the slave's snack is crushed under my foot soles. When I return to the slave, the bread is dark gray - soaked with dirt, spit and foot sweat! I spit on the bread a couple more times, then grab the slices with my feet and coerce the loser to eat them completely! Obviously, he's pretty disgusted by this meal, but we won't stop until he has eaten up!