Madame Marissa
Sweaty slave meal prepared in running shoes
Sweaty slave meal prepared in running shoes

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Today I'll prepare a very special slave meal for the loser once again. I put one little croissant under each foot and then put my socks over it - before putting on my jogging shoes! It will be a nice feeling to have these croissants under my feet while jogging and knowing, that every drop of foot sweat is going to be soaked up in these croissants! After the run, I meet the slave and make him smell the inside of my running shoes first, before taking off my socks and revealing his flattened, sweat-soaked slave meal! After smelling my shoes, he knows what awaits him and already looks pretty disgusted even before I shove these croissants into his mouth! To humiliate him even more, I press my wet sweaty socks onto his nose while he chews the croissants. Of course, he'll also clean my bare feet off all the sweat before I leave him behind as well!