Madame Marissa
Sweaty nylons after a long shopping day
Sweaty nylons after a long shopping day

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Come a little closer, slave! I spent all day shopping - and under my jeans and boots I've been wearing nylons! And after so many hours and many miles walked, I'm sure the nylons will have a nice strong smell! And you little pervert can't wait to get your nose on these smelly moist nylons, do you?! Come on, take a deep breathe and inhale the smell. You will become more and more will less under my feet! Go ahead, give them a little kiss too! Do you want to stick your nose into my GML boots as well? After all these hours with sweaty nylons inside this must be heaven for you! And in the end, you'll open your mouth wide - so I can stuff my nylon feet into your mouth - so you get the full taste as well!