Madame Marissa
Sweaty nylon feet in the office
Sweaty nylon feet in the office

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I come back to the office late and one of my employees is still there - and sitting on the floor with a bunch of documents. After walking and driving around all day, I've to take off my boots first - although my nylons are really sweaty and stinky ... but I just can't wear shoes anymore. As I walk around the office I notice the employee staring at my feet - especially after I stepped on his slice of bread that's lying on the floor next to him. I want to finish the workday and decide to help him with his work. Of course, I use my feet to point to certain documents and I also walk over his hands a couple of times "accidently" ;-) He has to finish eating his bread as well - after I walked over it a couple of times with my sweaty nylons. Then I sit down on the chair next to him, have my foot dangling in front of his face as I point to things on the floor and talk about my sweaty nylons a lot. If he doesn't care about the smell ... maybe I should make him work under my desk next time?! :-D This is a non-exclusive roleplaying custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!