Madame Marissa
Sweaty moist shoes and socks after running
Sweaty moist shoes and socks after running

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When I come back from a long run, I find the lazy slave on the couch - and immediately order him to get down on the floor on his knees where he belongs. I tell him how wet it is inside my running shoes and order him to take off the first shoe - and press it onto his nose! He has to inhale the foot sweat stench from my shoe, before I press my dirty white socks on his nose! I've been wearing these for a whole week already and only finished preparing them with the running today. I just love how he's disgusted by the smell - it wouldn't be any fun for me if he would like it, would it? :-D Later, he has to lie down, I tape his mouth with some gaffer tape and then rest my stinky jogging feet on his face - now he can't cheat by breathing through his mouth and I can relax on the couch while he suffers under my feet!