Madame Marissa
Sweaty croissants out of nylons and boots
Sweaty croissants out of nylons and boots

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Today I'll prepare some disgusting croissants for the slave once again - this time I'll put them in nylon socks and then put on these extremely warm winter boots to make sure my feet get really sweaty. To keep them juicy over the day, I fill them with my spit - then put them under my toes and put on the nylon socks! After walking around in these warm boots all day long, they're completely flattened and soaked in my foot sweat when I get back. I've put the slave on a leash to make sure he obeys and then take off the boots and nylon socks in front of him - and the little croissants even have my toes imprinted to them. I spit on the crushed croissants a few more times, then feed them to the slave with my feet. He has to eat these foot sweat and spit drenched croissants until every tiny bit is gone - no matter how disgusting it is and no matter how much he complaints!