Madame Marissa
Suffer under my new extreme over-knee boots, loser!
Suffer under my new extreme over-knee boots, loser!

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So, how do you like these new extreme over-knee boots? I'll go to a really cool party later tonight - and you'll serve me as a test subject before! I've to test if I can walk good in these - especially on uneven floors - or your face! Of course, that means extreme pain for you - with these rock-hard platforms and the extremely thin heels ... but you'll endure that for your mistress! You won't be allowed to join me for the party obviously - that wouldn't be a good idea probably with all the heels marks all over your face! But maybe you get lucky and when I get back from the party, I'm in the mood to play some more with you - with all the party dirt on the soles it could be even more fun :-D You would do anything for me, loser, wouldn't you? No matter how much you suffer under my sadism!